INBOUND SERVICE CENTRES Capacity-based scheduled call-backs
Erfolgreiche Outbound-Termine im Vertrieb
OUTBOUND CALL CENTRES Scheduled dialer calls and targeted follow-up campaigns for sales teams
Filialen und Agenturen mit bester Beratung
RETAIL STORES AND AGENCIES Cost-effective scheduled customer appointments
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Innovative availability

Our software solutions improve KPIs and availability for inbound service centres, outbound call centres and retail stores. Queues, cold calls in sales, and long wait times are replaced by intelligent scheduling.

Service Center
Inbound solutions

Active queue management is here! The software automatically implements your targets in terms of availability and service level, and replaces queues with capacity-based scheduled call-backs. This allows you to optimise your agents’ working time and service quality. Available without IT interface upon request!

Outbound solutions

Increase turnover with more efficient sales calls. The software manages the entire process and connects your employees based on availability with customers who are prepared for their call. Our latest innovations are outbound campaigns with scheduled dialer calls and targeted follow-up campaigns for sales teams. Customers who have time buy more and more frequently.

Retail stores and agencies
Online solutions

Improve your point of sale with cost-effective scheduled customer appointments both in person and on the phone. Retail stores and agencies benefit from the ability to determine their own availability with no stress. Flexibly schedule appointments as needed for each department, team or individual employee.

ServiceOcean packages

INBOUND package

  • Replace queues with scheduled call-backs
  • Up to 30 per cent higher availability
  • No additional employees

OUTBOUND package

  • Expand outbound campaigns through intelligent scheduling
  • Software notifies customers before the call
  • Call centres achieve optimal hit rates

ONLINE package

  • Front ends for websites, apps, intranet platforms and retail stores
  • Increases availability of customer service and sales
  • Can be used anywhere online

VOICE package

  • Schedule immediate call-backs via Amazon Alexa
  • Software replaces queues with automated dialogues
  • Guarantees excellent customer experiences

Since 2013, ServiceOcean has represented a new level of availability in the digital age. Innovative software solutions improve KPIs for service centres, sales teams and retail stores. Intelligent scheduling manages queues for customer service hotlines, cold calling in sales, and wait times in offices and shops on the basis of pre-defined objectives. Companies benefit from top KPIs, greater cost effectiveness and happier customers and employees.


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