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I am interested in:
I am interested in:
Thomas Addison

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Managing Director with a passion for product development

Dr. Alexander Schagen

Co-Founder and Evangelist

I’m a walking advertisement and innovator

Dr. Marcel Walker

Member of the Board of Directors

I’m secretly an expert on restaurants and politics

Dr. Bernd Schopp

Member of the Board of Directors

I’m secretly an expert on: Sicily

Frederika Walter

Strategy Manager

I’m the link between the teams and the Nordstern communicator

Holger Heinen

Strategy Advisory Board

I’m responsible for healthy, rapid growth

Patrick Heinicke

Revenue Operations Manager

I’m lost without coffee at work

Teresa Braun

Head of People & Culture

I’m secretly an expert on punctuation and entertaining children

Sebastian Flick

HR Manager

I’m secretly an expert on English panel shows and wines from the Rhine-Hesse region

Esra Tapar

Working student HR

I’m always the most organized person in the company

Verena Steingans

Finance and administration

I’m secretly an expert on cats and karate

Dr. Franziska Pertek

Datenschützerin und Rechtsanwältin

At the company, I’m responsible for making sure we don’t get into unnecessary trouble

Svenja Raschka

Head of Sales

I’m always up for a snack at work

Max Spillmann

Team Lead New Business Switzerland

Always available

Sven Sester

Account Executive

I’m a friend of pragmatic solutions

Nils Knöfler

Account Executive

Always up for fun

Daria Hof

Sales Development Representative

In the company, I’m the extroverted multicultural

Yannick Callegari

Account Executive

Always happy and motivated

Yasmin Raoufi

Sales Development Representative

I’m lost without herbal tea

Luk Grätz

Sales Development Representative

I’m the sunnyboy

Mirna Paurevic

Werkstudentin Sales

You’ll find me in the office when I’m not studying

Yannik Bohlmann

Werkstudent Sales


Pia Unke

Head Of Marketing

always endeavored

Christina Hadorn

Online Marketing Managerin

I’m the bridge builder

David Reichel

Marketing Manager


Lisa Marie Schütt

Marketing Managerin

I’m a captain at sea with patents A, B, C and 6

Marketing Manager Nils Patrick
Nils-Patrick Quentin

Marketing Manager

Secret expert for chilies, board games and outdoor activities

Lucca Breuer

Werkstudent Marketing

I’m the helping hand

Thorsten Niessen

Head of Account Management, Customer Success Management and Project Management

I am the voluntary fireman

Monika Priem

Software Implementation Consultant

I’m the frostbite

Basil Schneider

Software Implementation Consultant

I am enthusiastic about everything

Samuel Alexandre

Software Implementation Consultant

Secretive restaurant reviewer

Luca Leanza

Software Implementation Consultant

Secret weatherman

Yvan Kesler

Customer Success Manager

I can’t be disturbed

IT-Systemadministrator Emre
Emre Cagirici


Secret expert for NBA, K-dramas, strategy games

Catia Brunnenmeister

Team Lead Account Management

Fresh air fanatic

David Senger

Account Manager

I’m rarely in the company, I tend to work from home

Sandro Ruch

Head of Product Development & Infrastructure (CTO) und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

In the company, I’m also responsible for the coffee as a barista from time to time

Christian Studer

Product Manager

I hope I have never attracted any negative attention in the company

Felix Rüdlinger

Product Manager

I’m always enthusiastic about new things

Dumitru-ciprian Boiciuc

UX/UI Designer

Within the company I’m prepared to develop, improve and test new ideas

Benjamin Wolf

Voip Expert

In the company I’m looking for the lost SIP package

Ruben Allenspach

Software Developer

I’m the biggest person in the company (in physical terms)

Chris Grünewald

Software Developer

Secret expert for kickboxing

Peter Pichler

Software Developer

I’m rarely in the company, as I prefer to work from home

Arzan Nebiu

Software Developer

I’m responsible for the elimination of errors and at the same time responsible for the creation of new errors

Oleksandra Karaptan

Software Developer

Specialist for video games

Vincent Chan

Software Developer

Mostly in the office because of the coffee machine

Ida Ocean

Feelgood Manager

Expert for liver sausage

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