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In a normal queue, callers abandon calls after 60 seconds on average and call back an average of five times. Abandoned and repeat calls drag down KPIs and increase costs.

Prevent call abandonment

Picture an amusement park: No one waiting in line for a roller coaster would give up their spot just to go straight to the back of the line again. Abandoning your place in the line just to start again from the beginning is the worst decision for everyone involved. No one gets out of line for a roller coaster.

The digital queue offers callers an optimised script while they wait and effectively prevents abandonment and repeat calls. Behavioural science and data analytics enable callers to choose better alternatives to abandoning calls.

Digital queue

With its digital queue, ServiceOcean offers a modern alternative to traditional queueing in existing phone and ACD systems.
After the optimal wait time as determined by ServiceOcean, service centres automatically transfer calls from the current queue to the digital queue.
No IT interface is required.

The digital queue offers callers innovative alternatives to abandoning calls and calling back through an optimised IVR script:

  1. The majority of callers will schedule timed call-backs that are precise to the minute.
    The available slots are automatically adapted to the size of the team and calls are always placed on time.
  2. Other callers will choose the virtual queue and let the software do the waiting for them.
    They are then called back at the next possible time based on your team’s capacity.
  3. Some callers prefer to wait in the queue.
    These callers will happily choose this option, while the other alternatives effectively prevent abandoned and repeat calls.

Behavioural science in customer service

The quickest path to the new world of service is a combination of behavioural science and data analytics. ServiceOcean has worked for years with prestigious universities to analyse and optimise caller behaviour in queues.

  • When exactly do callers abandon calls and can digital queueing change this behaviour?
  • How do voices, entire sentences and individual words influence caller behaviour?
  • When should call-back options be offered, how many should you offer, and how quickly should this call take place?

Data analytics in the queue

ServiceOcean answers questions about caller behaviour in the queue professionally with statistical methods and multiple regression analyses. The company’s findings on optimal IVR scripts are then integrated into our data analytics with benchmarking:

  • Which IVR script is optimal for your queue and your callers in order to prevent abandoned calls?
  • What success factors do different customer service queues have in common?
  • What are the differences between service centres, companies, industries, languages and countries? 

A/B testing in the queue

What do your callers really want to hear in the queue? Our fully automated A/B testing is at the heart of the digital queue and ensures that caller behaviour is correct analysed. Digital queueing distributes calls to different IVR scripts at one-second intervals while at the same time evaluating caller behaviour with the fewest abandoned calls:

  • Which IVR script guarantees the lowest number of abandoned calls in your service centre?
  • Which commonly used standard wording should you avoid at all costs?
  • How much do optimised scripts in the queue increase your number of calls handled?

Win back abandoned calls

Even with optimised IVR scripts, some callers will still abandon the call. It’s important to win these callers back in order to prevent repeat calls. The digital queue identifies all callers who abandon their calls, automatically calls them back and offers them options to quickly connect with a customer service representative. Win back callers who have abandoned their calls before they call again and reduce your overall percentage of calls handled.

And what should you avoid at all costs when a caller abandons a call and then calls back anyway? Repeating the same IVR script. The digital queue identifies repeat calls and offers the caller a personalised IVR script to connect them with a customer service representative as quickly as possible.


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Together, we transform
“service deserts” into oceans.

Svenja Raschka
Head of Sales


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Together, we transform
“service deserts” into oceans.

Svenja Raschka
Head of Sales

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