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In terms of outbound calling, companies rarely reach their target person on the first try. Generally, successful conversations are only possible after multiple dialling attempts. These failed attempts are costly for companies and frustrating for employees. Moreover, target persons often reject cold calls. This is a shame, because companies often have a good reason to have a chat with these individuals. Today, innovative software solutions can improve hit rates. ServiceOcean software reaches target persons on the first try and guarantees top-quality conversations.

“It’s not that the big fish eat the smaller ones –
it’s the fast that eat the slow. And ServiceOcean has the solution!”
Martin Limbeck – Germany’s most successful sales coach and speaker


It is difficult to reach target persons with outbound calls, and often these individuals react negatively to cold calls from companies. However, successful contact serves as the foundation for direct dialogue and increases a company’s success.

Cold calling tends to be a stressful task for many employees. In the digital age in particular, cold calls have fallen out of fashion. Over time, targets rejecting calls leads to frustration amongst employees and reduced productivity.

Management compares the running costs with the successful contacts. The more target persons that can be reached on the first attempt, the lower the costs and the greater the success rate. Outbound campaigns require new solutions for cost-effective contact on the first attempt.


Target persons receive an invitation well before the call is placed. The message contains all of the relevant information as to the reason for the call and the time. The target person can reschedule the call using a link in the invitation. The system automatically makes the call at precisely the right time, connecting the team and the target person.

Thanks to ServiceOcean software, the team calls the target person, who has been informed in advance, automatically and on time. Employees can position themselves as reliable consultants and hold conversations in a pleasant atmosphere.

In sales and customer service, outbound calling benefits from conversations with prior scheduling invitations. More target persons are reached with significantly fewer dialling attempts. Management can improve cost-effectiveness and achieve competitive advantages.

Use caseAdded value of the OUTBOUND solution

Outbound Call Centres

Outbound call centres offer a fast track to new customers and are an important sales driver. The aim is to have a large number of phone conversations at the lowest possible cost, which in turn results in greater turnover.

Companies can achieve cost-effective, high-quality contact on the first try by sending out scheduling invitations before the first call. Customers are much easier to reach and start out the customer journey in a better mood.

Employees can use the software to send fully automated scheduling invitations to customers, or they can schedule a follow-up call directly during the first conversation. Available slots are shown based on team or employee capacity.

External service providers

In terms of outbound calling, external service providers have their own unique business model. Similar competitors and high cost pressure are two well-established challenges in the industry.

ServiceOcean has a great deal of experience working together with external service providers and is able to precisely address their unique needs. The software offers the necessary flexibility and multi-client capability.

Dashboards fassen die Kennzahlen zusammen und Dashboards summarise the key performance indicators and are linked to existing reporting systems upon request. Management sees the efficiency and hit rates of outbound campaigns with scheduling invitations and can easily compare the results with traditional campaigns.

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Since 2013, ServiceOcean has represented a new level of availability in the digital age. Innovative software solutions improve KPIs for service centres, sales teams and retail stores. Intelligent scheduling manages queues for customer service hotlines, cold calling in sales, and wait times in offices and shops on the basis of pre-defined objectives. Companies benefit from top KPIs, greater cost effectiveness and happier customers and employees.


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