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Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz,
leading expert for
Sales Management

This technology is an exciting option for the distribution of the future.

Replacing cold calls with scheduling invitations

Software for outbound calling

With ServiceOcean, traditional outbound campaigns can finally reach their desired completion rates. Target customer availability is increased by 97% with measurably fewer dialling attempts.

How? Before the outbound call, the software sends the target customer an invitation via e-mail or SMS to schedule a call, including the time, date and topic. If needed, calls can be rescheduled or cancelled. At the scheduled time, the software connects an employee with the customer who is expecting the call and is interested in having a conversation. If a customer cannot be reached, the software automatically creates a reminder to follow-up. Customers who are no longer interested and cancel their scheduled calls are evaluated and can be contacted with traditional cold calling.

The result: Increased completion rates in outbound campaigns with 50% fewer dialling attempts.

Customers are available – sales teams are impressed!

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97 %
higher hit rates
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50 %
fewer dialling attempts
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30 %
more efficient calls
Grafik Outbound-Telefonie. Mitarbeiter kontaktiert Kunden telefonisch.
  • Increased acceptance among end customers
  • Higher completion rates
  • More completed calls
  • Targeted follow-ups
  • Lower costs and time savings
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Integration of the outbound software

Customers only need two man-days on average for software integration.
The software is ready to use in two to three weeks and does not require an IT interface.

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Grafik Outbound-Telefonie. Mitarbeiter kontaktiert Kunden telefonisch.

Product features

  • Continuous optimisation and consulting during the pilot phase and when the license is extended
  • Scheduling invitations sent to customers via e-mail or SMS, including rescheduling and cancellation functions
  • Customer satisfaction surveys via phone, e-mail or SMS
  • Intelligent speech recognition in dialogues for callers and agents 
  • Randomised selection of available appointments prevents double-booking
  • All languages available

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