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Grafik Serviceheld

Martin Siessegger,
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf

In the pilot phase alone, we were already able to improve availability by more than a third.

Smart scheduling replaces long waits

Software for inbound calling

ServiceOcean transforms lengthy wait times into a unique customer experience and increases the handled calls of your inbound calling to the desired target value.

How? For the first time, in addition to waiting or hanging up, customers now have the option to choose between a scheduled call-back or virtual call waiting. The scheduling offer for call-backs is determined based on your workforce planning.

The software connects employees to customers automatically at the desired time. An average of 92% of customers are reached at the scheduled time. No employees need to be reserved.

The result: Optimised KPIs in terms of handled calls and service level coupled with significant cost savings. The software cuts hang-up and repeat caller rates in half, which means it directly influences call volume.

Management, customers and employees are all impressed!

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Up to …

Icon Telefon
38 %
more handled calls
Icon Daumen hoch
50 %
fewer hang-ups and repeat callers
Icon Euro
85 %
lower costs
Icon Uhr
10 %
shorter calls
Icon Zahnrad
35 %
more efficiency with the same team
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Only 2 days Integration of the software

Customers only need two man-days on average for software integration.

The software does not require an IT interface.

More about integration

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Grafik Serviceheld

Torsten Grabendorff,
Sparkasse Bremen

For me, online scheduling is the hidden champion. 15% to 20% of scheduled call-backs are booked online.

Reduce spontaneous calls

Software for online scheduling 

ServiceOcean prevents spontaneous calls in call centres through online scheduling and reduces call volume over the long term. 

How? When customers search online for the service hotline, they have the option to easily schedule an immediate call-back or a call-back at a later time via the website, app, newsletter or chatbot. At the scheduled time, the software connects an employee with the customer. 

Synchronisation with the inbound software takes place in real time. ServiceOcean provides its customers with the online form in their corporate design. The form can then be easily integrated via a link. 

The result: ServiceOcean software digitalises customer service and creates an efficient customer journey that allows calls to be scheduled and planned. 

Online scheduling is the perfect add-on for inbound calls.

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Grafik Dashboard

Your KPIs at a glance

In the ServiceOcean portal

Benefit from informative KPIs and consulting, and become a service hero.

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Grafik Inbound-Callcenter

Product features

  • Continuous optimisation and consulting during the pilot phase and when the license is extended
  • Call reminders sent to customers via e-mail or SMS, including rescheduling and cancellation functions
  • Customer satisfaction surveys via phone, e-mail or SMS
  • Intelligent speech recognition in dialogues for callers and agents 
  • Randomised selection of available appointments prevents double-booking
  • All languages available

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