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VOICE packageAmazon Alexa for customer service and sales

The VOICE package is an innovative use case for Amazon Alexa with genuine added value. Target groups can book phone calls with service centres and receive a call at the scheduled time. Naturally, other appointments like in-person consultations can be conveniently booked with Alexa as well. Depending on the requirements, ServiceOcean can coordinate precise appointments, time windows or immediate call-backs. With the VOICE package, successful digitalisation is guaranteed!

“It’s not that the big fish eat the smaller ones –
it’s the fast that eat the slow. And ServiceOcean has the solution!”
Martin Limbeck – Germany’s most successful sales coach and speaker

Amazon Alexa for customer service and sales

These days, everyone’s talking about – and to – voice assistants, also known as smart speakers. Discovering the world from the comfort of your home using just your voice is an appealing innovation.

ServiceOcean offers functions for Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, that enable top availability for customer service and sales. Customers can schedule a call-back for the future or request an immediate call and the ServiceOcean software will connect them with the right employee..

Companies gain closer proximity to their customers and are available at all times with no waiting. ServiceOcean software guarantees optimised capacity utilisation and replaces queues and long wait times with intelligent scheduling.


Availability without queueing thanks to Amazon Alexa is as innovative as it is sensible, and positions managers as modern pioneers.


Employees experience the innovation first-hand through positive feedback from customers. Call-backs that are timed precisely to the minute improve the quality of the conversations and reduce overall call times.


Customers can easily book a scheduled or immediate call-back from sales or customer service teams via Amazon Alexa. Available slots are offered based on team capacity.

All-in-one solution

Call centres and sales teams receive a unique comprehensive solution comprised of a back end with numerous functions, web front ends, a dialer, messaging, and a dashboard.


The software offers unique flexibility and numerous functions. In general, the software can be tailored to individual requirements as standard, allowing for fast go-lives.

Multi-channel solutionel

Complementary modules expand the software to create an innovative multi-channel solution for inbound and outbound calling, online platforms, video consulting, Amazon Alexa, and retail stores.


Numerous references and awards for best service centre innovation speak to the success of this innovative solution. Talk directly to our clients to find out how it could work for you!


Innovative processes offer full functionality without requiring an IT interface! Web services make it possible to connect our solution to your existing phone systems, resource scheduling systems, etc.


The software includes a detailed reporting function that tracks all information from phone calls, as well as a dashboard that clearly displays the KPIs.

Since 2013, ServiceOcean has represented a new level of availability in the digital age. Innovative software solutions improve KPIs for service centres, sales teams and retail stores. Intelligent scheduling manages queues for customer service hotlines, cold calling in sales, and wait times in offices and shops on the basis of pre-defined objectives. Companies benefit from top KPIs, greater cost effectiveness and happier customers and employees.


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