OUTBOUND packageEfficient availability on the first try

The OUTBOUND package makes it easier to reach customers using outbound calling. Call centres can switch from difficult cold calling campaigns to fully automated scheduled invitations, resulting in significantly higher hit rates. Target persons are informed in advance about the pending call and can reschedule as needed. This software innovation requires no IT interfaces and is ready to use in just a few days!

„It’s not that the big fish eat the smaller ones – it’s the fast that eat the slow. And ServiceOcean has the solution!“
Martin Limbeck – Germany’s most successful sales coach and speaker

New outbound campaigns

Traditional outbound campaigns that use cold calling are a problem, especially for valuable customer relationships. Call centres require multiple contact attempts, which in turn results in irritated customers.

ServiceOcean offers a comprehensive solution for outbound campaigns. The software schedules outgoing calls based on the size of your team and automatically sends invitations to target customers.

The software then automatically makes the outgoing call precisely at the scheduled time. Informed customers are much easier to reach and react more positively, resulting in higher turnover.

Targeted follow-ups

In sales and customer service, follow-up campaigns are a vital aspect of customer relations. Final conversations allow for further processing and guide customers to the final target.

Companies can achieve cost-effective, high-quality contact on the first try by sending out scheduling invitations before the first call. Customers are much easier to reach and start out the customer journey in a better mood.

Employees can use the software to send fully automated scheduling invitations to customers, or they can schedule a follow-up call directly during the first conversation. Available slots are shown based on team or employee capacity.

Social media innovation

Companies often generate new sales leads on social media channels such as Facebook, Check24, Instagram and LinkedIn. If potential customers are contacted in a structured, timely manner, companies are able to turn them into actual customers.

Potential customers click on ads and generate leads. The software pursues these leads and sends out scheduling invitations to the potential customers. The software then automatically connects an available employee with the potential customer at the agreed-upon time.

The sales department benefits from much greater efficiency. Potential customers are easier to reach. And, thanks to the automated cancellation function, sales team members can focus strictly on people who are genuinely interested in the product or service.


Management will be pleased with the increase in quality and efficiency for outbound calling. Scheduled calls replace futile dial attempts and prepare the customer for the conversation.


Target customers are easy to reach with outbound calling. Employees can hold productive conversations with customers who are prepared and much more receptive.


The software informs customers automatically about the upcoming call, including the subject and time of the call. If necessary, customers can reschedule or cancel the call.

All-in-one solution

Call centres and sales teams receive a unique comprehensive solution comprised of a back end with numerous functions, web front ends, a dialer, messaging, and a dashboard.


The software offers unique flexibility and numerous functions. In general, the software can be tailored to individual requirements as standard, allowing for fast go-lives.

Multi-channel solution

Complementary modules expand the software to create an innovative multi-channel solution for inbound and outbound calling, online platforms, video consulting, Amazon Alexa, and retail stores.


Numerous references and awards for best service centre innovation speak to the success of this innovative solution. Talk directly to our clients to find out how it could work for you!


Innovative processes offer full functionality without requiring an IT interface! Web services make it possible to connect our solution to your existing phone systems, resource scheduling systems, etc.


The software includes a detailed reporting function that tracks all information from phone calls, as well as a dashboard that clearly displays the KPIs.

Since 2013, ServiceOcean has represented a new level of availability in the digital age. Innovative software solutions improve KPIs for service centres, sales teams and retail stores. Intelligent scheduling manages queues for customer service hotlines, cold calling in sales, and wait times in offices and shops on the basis of pre-defined objectives. Companies benefit from top KPIs, greater cost effectiveness and happier customers and employees.


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