ONLINE packageTop availability across all online platforms

The ONLINE package establishes a new level of reachability for customer service teams, sales teams and retail stores. The software offers a modular tool kit for different web forms in custom corporate design. The package is fast and easy to integrate into websites, apps, newsletters, videos, intranet systems and other tools via online link. Numerous use cases prove that the ONLINE package will take your availability to a whole new level. Available with zero IT interface upon request!

“Leadership also means solving urgent problems. And an alternative to long wait times is a great solution!“
Heike Bruch – University of St.Gallen (HSG)

Websites and apps

Customers often look for a customer service hotline number on websites and apps only to end up in a queue. This package turns websites into a vital component in terms of availability for customer service and sales.

People visiting websites and apps choose the reason for the call, schedule a call-back and enter their contact information. The software then calls the team at the right time and connects the employee to the customer.

ServiceOcean provides the entire front end in your company’s corporate design. The front end can be integrated into websites and apps via a link. The entire solution requires no additional IT interface.

First- and second-level support

The solution connects different departments. In the first support level, an employee is talking to a customer and needs support from an expert. How do callers reach the second level?

In coordination with the caller, the first-level employee schedules a call-back from the second-level team using the online front end. The experts can determine their own schedules and prepare themselves accordingly for the call.

The software calls the team at the right time and then connects the employee to the customer. The first and second levels eliminate the need for manual coordination and let you benefit from greater efficiency.

Chats and chatbots

Personal chats and automated chatbots are becoming increasingly popular. ServiceOcean software supplements existing solutions with intelligent scheduled call-backs for efficient channel switching.

When existing chatbots are no longer able to help the customer or customers do not want to use the chatbot, the bot automatically activates the ServiceOcean link. Customers can directly schedule a call-back from the team.

Online chats are not always the best option for all customer issues. In these cases, the employee can activate the ServiceOcean link so that the customer can schedule a call-back from the team.

Newsletters and e-mails

Newsletters and e-mails are inexpensive communication channels for customer marketing. But how can we efficiently connect these readers to sales and customer service?

ServiceOcean software turns e-mail and newsletter subscribers into concrete leads for phone sales. Readers can book scheduled call-backs for phone consultations and are called automatically.

Companies can simply integrate the front end, which has been provided by ServiceOcean in their unique corporate design, into their existing newsletters and e-mails with a link. Interested readers are conveniently guided to sales and customer service.

Video consulting

Optimal capacity utilisation and greater ease of planning for workspaces with video cameras is an important prerequisite for a level of availability that is as customer-oriented as it is cost-efficient.

ServiceOcean software improves existing video consulting using capacity-based scheduling. Customers can reach video consultants without queueing and are connected at precisely the minute their video call is scheduled.

Thanks to ServiceOcean’s web service, the solution can be used with all standard video tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Snapview, Skype, Zoom, and more.

Retail stores and agencies

Companies can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency at the point of sale. The optimal utilisation of employees for customer contact is one important control lever. This is one area where ServiceOcean’s solution offers new potential.

Customers can schedule call-backs and in-store appointments based on employee capacity across all online platforms. ServiceOcean improves the capacity utilisation and availability of retail stores and agencies across all industries.

ServiceOcean software for retail stores and agencies has already proven itself at insurance agencies, banks and public utility companies.

Trade fairs

Trade fairs offer exhibitors a professional, cost-intensive platform where they can present themselves and their services. These events can often be stressful, and it is almost impossible to optimise the trade fair team’s schedule. Sometimes there are too many visitors, sometimes there are none at all.

Now, visitors can schedule an appointment before the trade fair via invitation e-mails, newsletters, websites, and apps, and will receive a reminder with information about the company’s booth. The visitor then arrives in time for their consultation with a prepared employee.

Personal appointments make it easier for exhibitors and trade fair organisers to prepare for trade fairs, manage their employees during the event, and process leads afterwards. The software allows for better capacity utilisation and less stress.


Managers of marketing, customer service and sales teams receive a modular software toolkit for flexible front ends with numerous use cases. The software is integrated into their existing system via a link.


Mitarbeiter aus allen Abteilungen profitieren von Employees from all departments benefit from efficient interactions with customers. The software flexibly covers the requirements of all teams and individuals with calendars.


Existing and potential customers can schedule appointments for consultations by phone or on location across all online platforms. This makes it possible to effectively guide the customer journey to a successful conclusion.

All-in-one solution

Customer service, sales teams, and retail stores receive a unique comprehensive solution comprised of a back end with numerous functions, front ends, a dialer, messaging, and a dashboard.


The software offers unique flexibility and numerous functions. In general, the software can be tailored to individual requirements as standard, allowing for fast go-lives.

Multi-channel solution

Complementary modules expand the software to create an innovative multi-channel solution for inbound and outbound calling, online platforms, video consulting, Amazon Alexa, and retail stores.


Numerous references and awards for best service centre innovation speak to the success of this innovative solution. Talk directly to our clients to find out how it could work for you!


Innovative processes offer full functionality without requiring an IT interface. Web services make it possible to connect our solution to your existing phone systems, resource scheduling systems, etc.


The software includes a detailed reporting function that tracks all information from phone calls, as well as a dashboard that clearly displays the KPIs.

Since 2013, ServiceOcean has represented a new level of availability in the digital age. Innovative software solutions improve KPIs for service centres, sales teams and retail stores. Intelligent scheduling manages queues for customer service hotlines, cold calling in sales, and wait times in offices and shops on the basis of pre-defined objectives. Companies benefit from top KPIs, greater cost effectiveness and happier customers and employees.


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