INBOUND packageOptimal availability for inbound service centres

The INBOUND package improves the availability of inbound calling. Service centres can effectively replace long wait times with a combination of scheduled call-backs and virtual call waiting. Availability and queues are finally tailored to the service centre’s needs. Managers, employees and callers are all satisfied. And service centres can enjoy the full range of functions without an IT interface!

“Leadership also means solving urgent problems. And an alternative to long wait times is a great solution!“
Heike Bruch – Universität St.Gallen (HSG)

Smart scheduling replaces long waits

The INBOUND package complements existing phone systems and offers service centres new functions for active queue management.

Smart call-back scheduling and virtual call waiting replace long wait times, all without an IT interface. Managers, employees and callers benefit from a comprehensive solution.

The software manages the entire process using resource-based scheduling and fully automated call-backs that are accurately timed to the minute.

30 per cent greater availability

The combination of software and consulting increases availability by up to 30 per cent without requiring additional employees.

Efficiency is also increased thanks to significantly fewer repeat callers. Callers receive a modern alternative to long wait times and can make an appointment without having to call again.

Conversation times are reduced by around 10 per cent. Scheduling confirmations and reminders prepare customers for a timely call-back and provide them with all the necessary information, such as contract numbers.

Significant cost savings

Software and consulting reduce costs and spread call volumes across the entire team thanks to capacity-based scheduled call-backs. This makes it easier for managers to schedule their employees.

By eliminating the overflow function, the software further reduces costs. The software schedules call-backs more precisely and for a lower cost than manual call-back services.

We work together with our clients to create individual business cases and determine their potential savings based on their actual KPIs.

Customer satisfaction

Callers across all industries will be impressed by a high level of availability without queues and with scheduled call-backs that are timed to the minute. Employees receive extremely positive first-hand feedback from customers and pass this on to management.

Learn more about how scheduled call-backs improve overall customer satisfaction.

This package also provides fully automated customer satisfaction tracking for service centres. Once a call is complete, service centres can send the caller to a fully automated satisfaction survey.


Significantly increasing availability while at the same time reducing costs is good news for any management team. Talk with our clients directly to learn more about their success.


Across the board, employees who work on calling campaigns report more productive conversations with customers who are in a better mood. You can find first-hand accounts of how the working environment improved here.


Callers are impressed by a high level of availability without queues and with scheduled call-backs that are timed to the minute. Find out more about the positive effect on overall customer satisfaction.

All-in-one solution

Inbound service centres receive a unique comprehensive solution comprised of a back end with numerous functions, an interactive voice response (IVR) system, a dialer, messaging, and a dashboard.


The software offers unique flexibility and numerous functions. In general, the software can be tailored to individual requirements as standard, allowing for fast go-lives.


Complementary modules expand the software to create an innovative multi-channel solution for inbound and outbound calling, online platforms, video consulting, Amazon Alexa, and retail stores.


Numerous references and awards for best service centre innovation speak to the success of this innovative solution. Talk directly to our clients to find out how it could work for you!


Innovative processes offer full functionality without requiring an IT interface. Web services make it possible to connect our solution to your existing phone systems, resource scheduling systems, etc.


The software includes a detailed reporting function that tracks all information from phone calls, as well as a dashboard that clearly displays the KPIs.

Since 2013, ServiceOcean has represented a new level of availability in the digital age. Innovative software solutions improve KPIs for service centres, sales teams and retail stores. Intelligent scheduling manages queues for customer service hotlines, cold calling in sales, and wait times in offices and shops on the basis of pre-defined objectives. Companies benefit from top KPIs, greater cost effectiveness and happier customers and employees.


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