• Who are we and what do we do?

    ServiceOcean increases the availability of service centres through intelligent call-back management while at the same time optimising KPIs. The software is tailored to your service centre’s challenges through corresponding packages. Our software schedules call peaks when your team has time to handle them. This allows you to significantly improve your KPIs. Our solution for outbound sales measurably reduces dialling attempts and increases the availability of target customers through scheduling invitations that are sent out in advance.

  • Can the software be used for inbound service centres?

    Yes. Our software increases the availability of inbound service centres by up to 30% without additional employees.

  • How does the software work for sales teams?

    The Outbound package doubles customer availability via outbound calling. Call centres and sales teams can supplement problematic cold calling with fully automated scheduling invitations, including rescheduling and cancellation functions, which allow them to achieve optimal hit rates.

  • How many interfaces are there?

    The software does not require an IT interface.

  • How difficult is implementation?

    The software solution for increasing availability is easy to implement. The software can be implemented in two weeks or less so that you can ensure high availability for your customer service team even in the face of high call volumes.

  • Can the inbound solution also be used during an extended peak?

    The Inbound package can also be used during an extended peak. During peaks and the resulting increased call volume, capacity-based call-back management is used.

  • Can different packages be combined?

    Yes. For inbound calling, we recommend a combination of our Inbound and Online packages in order to ensure maximum availability.

  • Is the software compatible with every telephone system?

    Yes. The software is compatible with every telephone system.

  • Are employees reserved for scheduled calls?

    No. No customer service employees need to be reserved for scheduled calls. The software recognises which employees are available for calls.

  • What happens if the end customer doesn’t have time for the scheduled call?

    The customer receives a confirmation in advance. The confirmation includes an option to cancel the call. If the agent doesn’t reach the customer, the customer will receive information notifying them about the missed call.

  • What happens if the caller doesn’t reach the end customer?

    The customer service employee receives a notification from our IVR that a connection could not be established to the customer and has the option to hang up. This can also be taken over by the software itself. Attempt frequency can be stored in the settings.

  • How is data protection guaranteed?

    Data protection is one of our top priorities. Our servers are protected on the basis of the strictest requirements and standards, and our German data centres are certified in accordance with ISO 27001. When you receive an offer, you also receive our data protection agreement. However, we can also work with your data protection requirements.

  • Which company data are stored permanently by ServiceOcean?

    ServiceOcean only stores data as required by its customers. The customer decides which data are available to ServiceOcean for which period of time.