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Maximum flexibility

Our flexible working concept offers you maximum flexibility in terms of where you work and your weekly schedule. You decide where you work best.

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Company Events

Our unforgettable company events have become the stuff of legend. Now more than ever, with so many of us working from home, we feel it is especially important to spend time together in order to (further) strengthen our working relationships.

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Professional training budget

We feel it’s important to support your professional development. Together with your team lead, you decide how you want to use your annual professional training budget.

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Work from anywhere

Want to work under the Spanish sun? Or perhaps on an entirely different continent? You can spend four weeks a year working from anywhere you want, even outside of Germany or Switzerland!

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Home office equipment

We know that you need the right equipment in order to achieve the best possible results – that’s why we provide you with a complete home office set-up.

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Modern, centrally located offices

Working from home isn’t your thing? You can always work at one of our modern offices in Cologne or St. Gallen, even better accessible with a travel cost bonus.

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Our values

Our product solves real, everyday problems that we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. We transform our clients into service heroes!

TEAM = Teamwork makes the dream work!

We are intrapreneurs! We’re not the type to fade into the background (well, except for maybe in photos). We make use of the available creative leeway, take advantage of opportunities for further development and gladly take responsibility for our actions – including for our mistakes, which we believe are an integral part of development.

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If I had to describe our corporate culture in one word, it would be “uncomplicated”. When it comes to cooperation between various departments or flexible working times, our company culture is both efficient and generous.

Ruben Allenspach,
Software Developer

ServiceOcean Teammitglied Ruben

I particularly appreciate our interactions with clients and how well we work together as a team. I enjoy taking on new challenges because they offer me a great deal of creative leeway and ensure that no two days are alike.

Christian Studer,
Product Manager

ServiceOcean Teammitglied Christian
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Land your dream job in three steps

You can ask us all your questions about ServiceOcean and your new job in a video call. We’ll figure out together whether we’re a good match.Gemeinsam finden wir heraus, ob wir zueinander passen.

Next, we’ll invite you to one of our offices to meet your future co-workers.
In an in-depth interview, we’ll talk about you, ServiceOcean, and your future role here at the company.

Is it a good fit? Are both sides happy? Then you can look forward to receiving our offer.

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Company event 2022

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Give me five

Want to learn more about the creative minds behind ServiceOcean and their day-to-day work? Our “Give me five” interview series offers you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look:

Mitarbeiterinterview mit Software Implementation Consultant Monika

Unsere Projektheldin Monika

Mitarbeiterinterview mit Account Manager Patrick

Unser Kunden-Profi Patrick

Software Implementation Consultant Samuel
Mitarbeiterinterview mit Software Implementation Consultant Samuel

Unsere Softwareexperte Samuel

At ServiceOcean, we rely on the skills and dedication of every member of our team – and I think that’s really great. We communicate directly with one another, and we are a tight-knit group, which allows us to make and implement decisions quickly. Plus, as a working mom, the flexible part-time working model is great for me.

Teresa Braun,
Head of People and Culture and member of the Executive Board

ServiceOcean Teammitglied Teresa

We all share an entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to give people back time in their day, and we achieve this by putting our heads together, talking to one another and also enjoying a drink together from time to time.

Raphael Krauth,
Head of Sales and member of the Executive Board

ServiceOcean Teammitglied Raphael

What do I think makes ServiceOcean so unique? Definitely our team spirit. Everyone is included and everyone does their part. ServiceOcean is more than just a company – it’s a family. And it’s a place where you’re excited to work together in order to shape the company’s future.

Thorsten Niessen,
Head of Projects, Help Desk and IT, and member of the Executive Board

ServiceOcean Teammitglied Thorsten

Your questions – our answers

  • What is the office etiquette at ServiceOcean like?

    Casual, but professional. We are on first name terms at all levels, our dress code is definitely casual, and we are there for each other. Open doors, open lines, open mindset.

  • Crucial question: remote work or office?

    You’ll have to answer that one yourself! You decide every day where you perform best.

  • How long does your application process take?

    After your application and after each round, we will get back to you within a few days. After two short video calls, one with HR and one with the Hiring Manager, we invite you to a deeper conversation at one of our locations as a final step. In general, the entire process takes 3-4 weeks.

  • What language do you speak?

    German is the number one language in most teams. In jobs with customer contact, we also expect this at native speaker level. Some non-native speakers work in development, where English is the standard. Our company-wide internal communication therefore also takes place in English.

  • What are the first couple of weeks like in the new job?

    In the first month you’ll get an overview of ServiceOcean and everything you need in well-structured onboarding modules. From the beginning, your buddy supports you, whether it’s about the job, our culture or the coffee machine.

  • Is it worth applying if I am a career changer?

    We recruit according to “character before skills”. So, the answer is definitely YES. Convince us that ServiceOcean can benefit from your experience – even if you haven’t had a classic developer or sales career, for example.

  • Do you also offer internships?

    We are not actively looking for interns, so you won’t find a corresponding job ad. However, if your internship is to last several months and you are really keen on ServiceOcean, you are welcome to apply on your own initiative!

  • Do you offer a dual curriculum or an apprenticeship?

    As of now we can’t offer apprenticeships or dual curriculums. However, this might very well change in the future once we have the resources to support you properly in such a role.

  • What documents do you expect in my application?

    For an initial assessment, we need your detailed CV. Optionally, you can tell us about anything else we need to know or about your motives in a short cover letter.

  • I like ServiceOcean, but none of your jobs are a perfect fit for me. Can I also apply on my own initiative?

    Yes, very much so! At the top of our career page, you will find the link to unsolicited applications.

  • What happens to my personal data after I apply?

    We take data protection very seriously. We handle your data responsibly and have therefore automated all relevant processes according to strict rules. You can find our data protection statement here:

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