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How does call centre software
work in the new, modern world of service?

From a technical perspective, call centre software is an application that is hosted on a server or a cloud platform.
The application is comprised of various modules that interact with one another to enable call centre management.

Modern call centre software works like this:

  1. The caller dials the number of the call centre and is automatically transferred to the automatic call distribution engine (ACD engine), which is responsible for receiving incoming calls, evaluating them and transferring the caller to an available agent. To do this, the ACD engine uses various algorithms based on factors such as agent availability, agent skills and customer preferences.
  2. If no agent is available, the caller lands in one of the waiting areas of the ACD system. After a short time in the queue, the caller is presented with several alternatives via a voice menu system called interactive voice response or IVR.
    a. Scheduled call-back: The caller schedules a call-back directly in the queue. These scheduled call-backs are determined based on the call centre’s capacities. The call centre software then connects the caller with the available employee right on time.
    b. Virtual queue: The caller reserves the next possible call-back and then hangs up. The software waits for the next available employee on behalf of the caller. The customer is then called back as quickly as possible.
    c. Option to wait: The caller can also choose to stay on the line and wait.
  3. Call processing and monitoring: Calls can be monitored by managers in real time in order to ensure that the caller’s request has been understood and processed correctly. Call centre software allows managers to provide support and coaching in real time.
  4. After concluding the call, the Reports function offers data and analysis on various aspects of call centre management, such as call volume, average wait time, abandonment rates, customer satisfaction and more.

Fig. 1: How does call centre software work?

What challenges do call centres currently face?

  1. Call centre software allows you to actively manage poor KPIs in terms of calls handled, service level, first response time, call duration, repeat calls, and abandonment rates and implement corresponding measures based on your objectives. The combination of call centre software and consulting takes KPIs to a new level and impresses management, employees and customers.
  2. Increased cost pressure due to rising personnel costs, a high degree of fluctuation or the use of external call centres affects us all. However, a positive customer experience doesn’t always mean spending more money. Call centre software optimises queues while at the same time offering major cost advantages and a significant increase in efficiency.
  3. Call peaks and excessive call volumes often outpace team capacities. ServiceOcean is rethinking workforce planning. Now, call volume can be adjusted to the available employee capacities. Our software cuts abandonment and repeat call rates in half by offering scheduled call-backs. Peaks are smoothed out.
  4. Long queues result in low numbers of calls handled in your call centre and have a negative impact on efficiency as well as on customer and employee satisfaction. With call centre software, long queues are replaced with intelligent scheduled call-backs or virtual call waiting. Calls handled are increased by up to 38%.

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For me, online scheduling is the hidden champion. 15% to 20% of scheduled call-backs are booked online.”

Torsten Grabendorff
Sparkasse Bremen


How intelligent call centre software and online scheduling improves relevant KPIs and solves problems 

By integrating ServiceOcean’s virtual queue wizard into its existing system, Sparkasse Bremen AG increased the calls handled in its call centre by 8% and achieved annual cost savings in the six figures because they no longer required an overflow partner during peak calling times. Call volume shrank noticeably thanks to the significant reduction in the number of abandoned and repeat calls.

Employee satisfaction is now 96%, and there are no more customer complaints about call handling. Sparkasse Bremen is considered one of the leading innovators within the Sparkasse Group and has chosen to focus on calls handled in addition to branch sales measures. They have expanded their contact channels, and the digital queue wizard prevents long wait times and relieves the pressure on employees.

Success story: Sparkasse Bremen AG

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Together, we transform
“service deserts” into oceans.

Svenja Raschka
Head of Sales


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Together, we transform
“service deserts” into oceans.

Svenja Raschka
Head of Sales

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