No Queue

A main challenge for service centre is availability. Because it is unknown how many customers will call and what their enquiries are. Due to this unpredictable situation queuing lines and inefficiency is created. Intelligent appointment bookings sets new standards here.
The solution offers available appointments directly in the waiting line or online on the company website. Customers have the choice to wait or book a call-back appointment. Appointments reduce the waiting times and increase productivity. About 20% of customers book a call-back appointment and are very satisfied. There is no relationship in life that works without appointments.

More Productivity

A major benefit of intelligent appointment bookings is the resource based availability. Appointments follow the availability of the service center. Peak times are automatically shifted to idle times in order to increase efficiency and productivity. The queuing times are reduced and service levels secured.
The available appointments take customer value and enquiry type into account. Important customers and revenue related enquiries can have a higher availability. ServiceOcean changes the game: An unpredictable inbound call is transferred to an exactly scheduled outbound call.

Optimum Preparation

Appointments in service and sales have a significant advantage: service centre know beforehand to whom they will be talking. Name, customer value and request of the customer are known before the conversation takes place. Agents can greet the customer directly by name. The cumbersome identification in the CRM system is not needed any more and agents can start directly to take care about the request and the average handling time is reduced: More efficiency! Agents fancy the innovation: They are actively guiding customers throughout the call and no longer meet frustrated waiting customers. Depending on your requirements agents are informed either a few seconds or a few minutes before the call-back is triggered. The existing routing does not have to be changed.